Empower YOUR Team

The WebPortal suite of products humanizes and energizes your team to amplify the bandwidth of your existing workforce.

Innovation Through Experience

Through intuitive and innovative tools with no-code customizable workflows, teams can focus on their tasks and not data entry.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our solutions will improve your work quality of life by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the quality of company data.



Because we spend much of our lives at work, we wanted to provide a solution where a business's people, the most valuable resource, can focus on business growth and not data entry.

By working with actual users, we focused on satisfying modern business's data requirements while developing responsive, scalable, intuitive, and efficient tools.

Our focus on efficient tools available on situation appropriate devices and applying optimized workflows has resulted in exponential gains in cost reduction through improved accuracy and improved efficiency. In addition to the hard numbers, we have been able to improve company moral by allowing users to focus on business, not data entry.


Clean Intuitive Interfaces

We designed our interfaces by closely collaborating with actual users to be efficient, intuitive, and empower value added activities.

No-code Workflow Optimization

Every tool has a "Page Settings" menu with configurable workflow options to optimize your business processes for accurate and efficient data. If we don't have an option that you need, we'll add it.

Performance, Performance, Performance

User's job is not to enter data, wait for forms to load, or transaction to complete. We've pushed the limits to ensure that every tools performs to its upmost potential.

Works on all devices

As a Progressive Web Application, the WebPortal may be installed on Microsoft, IOS, and Android devices equally.

Simple, Lightweight Framework

The WebPortal doesn't require a heavy, traditional framework such as VPNs or a terminal server. If a device has a modern browser, it can access the WebPortal.

Rapid Development

If we don't have the perfect solution, our framework provides for rapid development to quickly deliver your best solution.



Ultimate Flexibility

Our ever growing collection of tools will optimize your workflow, reduce or eliminate mistakes, and empower your team to focus on what they to best.

Shop Floor Optimization

We have optimized Inventory, Production, Shipping, Receiving, Quality and numerous other tasks

Customer, Dealer, and Vendor Portals and Tools

Real time portals provide to efficient and accurate answers to satisfy your trading partners' burning questions.

System Health Monitoring

The WebPortal may be configured to capture critical system metrics and deliver advanced notifications to prevent system and company downtime.

Device Integration

Our WebPortal may utilize your mobile device integrated functionality, including the camera, microphone, bluetooth, usb, location services, push notification, and much more.

Framework Features

Customizable Homepage and Menus

The WebPortal homepage may be customized by user for efficient access to the most frequently used applications.

Session Management

See who is logged in and how many users are "just browsing" anonymously.

Responsive Design

The WebPortal is optimized with a responsive design allowing for scalability from mobile devices to tablets and full PC devices.

Dynamic Directed Data

Configure dynamic and contextual data for optimum content delivery.

Powerful Security

Tools may be distributed by security groups associated and assigned to users for efficient and intuitive security.

Cultivate your Brand

The DataPortal is fully themeable so that your target audience knows that they are in the right place.

Features are continually added. All ideas are welcome.