"[T]his has been by far the smoothest integration we have had. This is Epicor 10 and they brought in [BEMENDERFER LLC] who has been amazing. [They] created a connector for Epicor ERP ... which has all the features a web designer would want. It creates APIs and fields/arrays on the fly ..."

- A major international e-Commerce provider.
(Reference available upon request)


Information Everywhere

The WebPortal can retrieve customer, job, inventory, sales, invoice, or any other relevant data from the Epicor application or a SQL database from anywhere at any time. *Offline data may be subject to caching rules.

Timely Data Entry

Users may submit information into Epicor using any internet connected device, even while sitting with a customer or at a trade show.

Workflow Optimized

Every screen includes a “Page Settings” resource to optimize most efficient workflow. This workflow may be managed globally or by individual user.

Managed Distribution Architecture

The WebPortal is hosted on a global distribution architecture to maximize uptime and performance.

Real Time Cloud Replication

With the objective of optimizing content delivery, the DataPortal may optionally cache critical data to the cloud to further negate any on-premise internet disruptions.

Minimal On-Site Requirements

The WebPortal only requires the DataPortal to coordinate data communications. No expensive, complicated, or resource intensive VPNs or Terminal Servers are necessary.


Our inventory tools will save you money by optimizing data collection, increasing accuracy, and minimal employee effort.

Inventory Transfer

Instantly synchronize your physical and digital inventory.

Inventory Lookup

Find any component in your warehouse at a moment's notice.

Warehouse Management

Organize on the fly.

Cycle / Physical Count Entry

Cut employee count and time to accurately complete inventory counts.

Cycle / Physical Count Auditing

Audit Inventory faster than you can count it.

Real Time Reporting

Design your own tools for real time reporting.

Material Queuing

Digitally ensure that components are stocked correctly.


Decrease production overhead and increase accuracy.

Issue Material to Jobs

Issue material from inventory to jobs on the fly.

Return Material from Jobs

Change order? No problem. Easily return material to inventory.

Receive Finished Goods to Stock

Receive WIP to inventory at the moment it physically moves.

Return Finished Goods to WIP

Made a mistake? Easily reverse a WIP back to a job.

Material Queuing

Instruct production material movement through digital channels.


Pick, pack, and ship quickly and accurately.

Shipment Entry

Create customer shipments physically and digitally in Real-Time.

Confirm Shipment

Record shipment departures in real time.

Transfer Order Shipment Entry

Create transfer orders on the fly.

Real Time Reporting

Empower your team to own their shipping data.

Material Queuing

Digitally and instantly instruct for picking, packing, and shipping activities.


Receive PO's and material quickly at the dock for zero delay inventory availability.

Purchase Order Receipt

Digitally receive purchase orders.

Transfer Order Receipt

Efficiently receive transfer orders between sites.


Mobile tools for the road warrior.

Customer Information Lookup

Prep for customer meetings on the fly.

Customer Creation and Management

Maintain customers, call logs, and critical information at the time of enlightenment.

Part Lookup

Lookup part quanaities on hand, location, demand, or other metrics on the fly.

Online Catalog*

Online cached catalog with images, 3d models, pricing, and more for high available requirements.


Manage dealer inventory for automatic replenishment and counting to maximize sales and minimize shrinkage.

Transfer Order Shipment

Simple tools for dealers to transfer goods to other managed locations.

Transfer Order Receipt

Dealers can acknowledge receipt of goods to maintain accurate dealer inventory.

Physical / Cycle Count Entry

Require dealers to provide counts against anticipated inventory to mitigate shrinkage.

Dealer Point of Sale

Dealers may enter sales from their site triggering inventory consumption and automatic replenishment planning.

Agent Portal

Dealers may access quote, order, invoice, shipments, secure documents, and other information in real time.


Our proven framework allows for powerful, expedited, and accurate tool development and distribution.

User Maintenance

Maintain users for secure and contextual information distribution.

Security Maintenance

Provide custom security through user, security group, and custom menu maintenance.

Session Maintenance

Monitor and manage authenticated and anonymous connections.

Data Source Maintenance

Configure data to flow through the portal with customized presentation and contextual security.

Custom Theming

Re-enforce your brand through custom theming.

Customizable Homepage

Sort, group, label, and customize a touch friendly homepage by user so everyone's process is optimized.

Hardware Integration

Integrates with camera, GPS, and other human interface hardware resources on Android, IOS, and Windows devices.

Workflow Optimization

Every tool has a growing list of "Page Settings" to configure its workflow.


Holistically monitor and prevent issues in your ERP ecosystem.

ERP System Metrics

Know how your ERP system is performing, prevent issues, and identify if an issue is patch related.

Operating System

Collect CPU, RAM, hard drive, and other metrics to ensure system up time.

Database Metrics

Capture metrics on database growth, response time, and other information to optimize up-time and performance.

Trend Analysis

Review trends to identify the source of downtime and prevent future issues.