We Integrate and Digitize YOUR Business

The DataPortal solution provides a powerful, dynamic, and secure tool to connect your on premise ERP system, enterprise software, and applications to the Internet of Things.

Whether using our WebPortal suite of applications or a 3rd party web, windows, mac, android, linux, or unix software, the DataPortal can provide real time interactivity.

The DataPortal currently has optimized plugins for Epicor ERP, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and web services with new plugins added on a regular basis. Click here to submit a question about other supported systems.


Throughout our pursuit of the best possible client solutions, we discovered that integration solutions were overly complicated, inflexible, and exceptionally expensive.

We wanted to remove the headache of system integrations for our clients with powerful tools enabling the freedom to select the best software solutions for their business. We do not find it acceptable to settle for the "compatible" solution or to feel held hostage by a solutions provider.


The DataPortal provides unprecedented power to securely distribute real time data to anywhere within the reach of the internet.

Depending on the best solution to your requirement, the DataPortal can instantaneously disseminate REAL TIME data from your native application's business objects, SQL database, RESTful, or other web services.


Corporate Synergy is strengthened by enabling on premise and mobile team members to share and contribute to the the same information in real time.

Our memories don't improve with time and distance so the best time to enter information is at the time of enlightenment.

The DataPortal provides channels for critical data to be delivered to the company from anywhere, any device, and at any time.

Our WebPortal Suite provides an optimized out-of-the-box set of tools built on our DataPortal platform.



We strive give you peace of mind that your data is not only reaching its target demographic but that it is also staying out of the hands of those with adverse intentions.

Our tool:
  • Is PCI Compliant.
  • Implements industry standard transport level security ("TLS") encryption.
  • Implements content level encryption for sensitive data, such as credit cards.
  • Should be installed in a DMZ to isolate your mission critical systems from the dangers of the internet.
  • Configurable with multiple and distinct secure channels based on endpoint requirements.
  • AND... features too numerous to list online.

Contact us to inquire how we can securely resolve your integration needs.